• 小范:喜欢总决赛赛制安排,但还有瑕疵

    It was not only the students' mood that had changed. It was now quite common to come across two or three teachers conversing in low, urgent whispers in the corridors, breaking off their conversations the moment they saw students approaching.

  • 库里疯狂表演让巴克利瞠目结舌

    'What now?' said Harry quickly; he was feeling jumpy.

  • 延边主帅:胜利是生日大礼,尹比加兰太出色

    'And why does Professor Dumbledore think I need it, sir?' said Harry looking directly into Snape's eyes and wondering whether Snape would answer.

  • 德国战车直指冠军 东欧劲旅战力不俗

    To send a letter,' said Hermione, swinging her bag on to her shoulder. 'It . . . well, I don't know whether . . . but it's worth trying . . . and I'm the only one who can.'

  • 恒大受困国家队?8国脚7登场 状态疲软双赛咋办

    'It's not weird at all, it makes perfect sense,' said Hermione. 'It will be something top secret that the Ministry has been developing, I expect . . . Harry, are you sure you're all right?'

  • 帕楚里亚:感谢所有小牛球迷支持

    He glanced up at the staff table. It was a different story there: Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall were deep in conversation, both looking extremely grave. Professor Sprout had the Prophet propped against a bottle of ketchup and was reading the front page with such concentration that she was not noticing the gentle drip o egg yolk falling into her lap from her stationary spoon. Meanwhile, at the far end of the table, Professor Umbridge was tucking into a bowl of porridge. For once her pouchy toad's eyes were not sweeping the Great Hall looking for misbehaving students. She scowled as she gulped down her food and every now and then she shot a malevolent glance up the table to where Dumbledore and McGonagall were talking so intently.

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    Harry got to his feet, feeling nervous. They faced each other with the desk between them.